What's this going to frost me?

Cake Size
mini bundt
6 cakes
4" round
6" round
8" round
8" square
9" round
10" round
10" square
12" round
¼ sheet
Mini cupcakes
Cake balls
Cake pops

All of my cakes are one-of-a-kind.  I don't do the usual sheet cake you get from your grocery store bakery. All of my fillings and frostings are made from scratch.  Each cake is designed individually and the price will depend on the size, design, and time put into it.  I use the industry standard serving size dimensions, which are 1"x2".  If you think you'll want bigger servings, feel free to order a bigger cake!

Standard Cakes
The base price is $2/serving assuming 3 layers of cake, 2 layers of filling, and buttercream frosting.  Fondant cakes start at $3/serving.

Wedding Cakes
Wedding cakes start at $4 per slice for buttercream and $5 per slice for fondant.  The price goes up based on complexity of design.  There are so many variables that will increase the cost of the cake: shaped tiers, intricate piping, gumpaste flowers, buttercream stenciling, and the list goes on.  In saying that, there are plenty of ways to keep the cake within budget: round tiers, fresh flowers, basic piping, etc.  And you'll still have a gorgeous cake! 
I do offer a complimentary tasting/consultation for all wedding cake/wedding cupcakes orders!  You'll get to pick three cake flavors and three filling flavors from the list (I provide the buttercream).  We'll design your cake together until you are completely satisfied!  And the bride gets a take home gift as well!  I do ask each bride to bring anything that will aid in the design process (swatch of fabric, ribbon, inspiration pics, invitation, etc.).  I look forward to creating the main centerpiece of the reception, besides the bride and groom of course!

Tiered Party Cakes
Tiered party cakes start at $3 per slice for buttercream and $4 per slice for fondant.  The smallest tiered cake I can do is a 4 & 6 inch round cake, which feeds 12-18.  This means the minimum price is $55.  

3D/Carved Party Cakes
Prices vary on these cakes due to their individual designs.  Please email me with your thoughts and design ideas, and together we'll come up with something you are happy with and for the right price!  Most of these cakes start at $100 simply due to the time that goes in to making them, whether you need to feed 2 or 200.

They can be the only thing you order, supplement an order, or they can be used as party favors.  I can do regular or mini cupcakes.  Prices for regular sized cupcakes, with filling piped inside and plain icing on top, start at $2/cupcake with a minimum order of 24.  Regular sized cupcakes with plain icing on top start at $1.50/cupcake with a minimum order of 24.  Prices for mini cupcakes start at $1/mini cupcake with a minimum order of 48.  Prices increase depending on the complexity of the design.  I also offer cupcake towers, which consist of a tower with as many tiers as you need to hold cupcakes and topped with a 6 inch round cake.  The cake and cupcakes compliment each other in design and style.  The tower is decorated with paper and ribbon to further coordinate with overall theme!

Cake Balls & Pops
Cake balls are bite size pieces of cake that have been dipped in chocolate.  They can be decorated to match the theme of any party or event and make wonderful gifts.  Use them as party favors for your guests or at a kids' birthday party in goodie bags!  The possibilites for these little gems are endless.  Add a lollipop stick and they become cake pops!  I can add a tag and ribbon to further personalize them for your event!  Prices vary based on complexity, but start at $12/dozen for cake balls and $24/dozen for cake pops, with a minimum order of two dozen.

I do deliver!  I am in Castro Valley, CA and will deliver within 50 miles, but the price will adjust accordingly.  If you are within 10 miles, it is $15.  If you are within 10-20 miles it is $30... and so on ($15 for every 10 miles).  Or you can pick up your desserts for free!

If you pick up the dessert, the responsibility for a safe delivery becomes yours. If you do pick up, here are some things to note:
Have a flat spot in your car large enough to accommodate the cake (not a person's lap).
Do not have anything that could fall on the cake.
Do not have any dirt/hair/etc. that could get on the cake.
Many times my cakes are too large, tall, or awkwardly shaped for a box, so they have no protection from flying and/or falling objects.